The Infiorate di Spello were born in the early 1900s to celebrate Corpus Domini Day. The families of Spello work hard for months for the preparation of these extraordinary flowered carpets that color and fill the streets of the village with perfumes.
For generations our grandparents participate in this wonderful feast steeped in history and from generation to generation tradition is transmitted to us, making us proud to be able to say that it is now an integral part of our lives.

infiorata spello


The line of perfumes was created to retrace the steps of the Infiorate di Spello, enclosing them in a sensorial experience. Three different fragrances that tell the three most important moments: the flowering, the harvest and the day of the Infiorata itself.


It is precisely the emotions that we experience from year to year in the creation of these works of art that inspired us in the creation of “Acqua ai fiori di Spello”.
We want to bring these sensations with us every day and make them known to all those who are part of the Infiorate di Spello, even for just one day.
For over 15 years we have been known all over the world for the quality of our cosmetics inspired by our territory and in 2018 we wanted to celebrate this event, the Infiorate, combining the creativity, the perfumes, the emotions and the traditions that compose it to give life to an innovative project: take home a part of this emotion through a perfume.


Our great fortnightly experience in cosmetics has led us to create a simple and effective line inspired by the fragrances of the flowers of Spello and the Infiorate. This line has been studied not only to meet the main needs of women, but to allow them to take home the emotions that this village gives us.



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