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Fioritura, Eau de Parfum 50ml


The fresh, subtle fragrance, which recounts the extraordinary blooms of the Umbrian valleys.

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    Fioritura is a fresh, subtle fragrance, which encapsulates the colors of the extraordinary blooms in the Umbrian valleys.

    This fragrance with its red notes of poppies, the sweet white of chamomile, the pungent yellow of lentil flowers and the blue of cornflower, combined with fresh, green notes, tells of the magic and beauty of a flowery meadow.

    Immerse yourself in the scents and colors of a blooming field.

    Top notes Cornflower, artemisia, sweet red pepper
    Mid notes Poppy, water lily, jasmine, broom
    Base notes Cedar, labdanum, white musk
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    Who are they for?

    Fioritura is the perfect fragrance for those who want a fresh, sparkling and sweet scent. The perfect fragrance for all women who love light scents that nevertheless last throughout the day.

    Balconi Fioriti
    Persistence longer than 5 hours
    Daytime fragrance
    Evening fragrance
    Aromatic fragrance
    Spicy fragrance
    Fresh fragrance
    Woody notes
    Sweet Notes
    Frequently asked questions
    Is Fioritura a long-lasting fragrance?
    What kind of fragrance is it? Sweet?
    What season is it perfect for?
    What notes does it contain?
    Are there any other products with this fragrance?
    10 reviews for Fioritura, Eau de Parfum 50ml
    1. I highly recommend it to all women. They are very pleasant perfumes with a romantic packaging.

    2. … not even removed the wrapping of the courier, that a wonderful scent came out of the package despite being closed … I knew that the inside enclosed the smell of beautiful Umbria but I was not expecting this! Spello … as soon as it is possible I will come to discover your beauty, for now I’m happy in this way and I would say that not at all just a little indeed! THE MADE IN ITALY

    3. I saw your advertisement on social media by chance. I was attracted by the location… The words, the photos full of flowers… I did with curiosity the test to choose the most suitable perfume for me… and I decided to buy it. The package arrived within a week. It was packaged in a delicious way! The scent is very good! The soap beautiful to see and great to use. To make a long story short, I have already repurchased your products for me and also to give them as presents!

    4. Even without the possibility of testing them in advance, these are flowery perfumes whose aroma is impossible not to like. When you open the package you can already smell the perfume! And after wearing it (I bought Fioritura, but from the scented cards you sent me I understood that I like Raccolta very much) I can say that it is also very persistent.

    5. I received the Fioritura perfume (which I love!) together with the complimentary hand cream (wonderful!). I will definitely be ordering the other fragrances I smelled in the sample cards as well.

    6. Fantastic and persistent perfumes

    7. The scent is very personal, I must say that the last purchase has thrilled me, an intense and warm fragrance. I recommend to all Fioritura…. It is enveloping and the final touch to be ‘dressed’ all day long! The gift was much appreciated….thanks

    8. I was driven by my love of flowers and it was confirmed! The gift was a pleasant surprise

    9. A very captivating fragrance, the more I use it, the more I like it. I bought Fioritura, and I can’t do without it anymore: it surrounds me with a persistent, yet delicate fragrance, and I can smell it all day long (which is essential because I want to smell the fragrance I’m wearing).

    10. When you open the package, spring bursts out! The packaging is very neat and very fine. The fragrance, which I bought – Fioritura – without having ever smelt it, is in my opinion marvellous. Thanks also for the beautiful postcards with the soaked cards of the other fragrances, they will help me to choose the next perfume. Super fast shipping. I am really satisfied.

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